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Tokyo Future Style, Inc.

TCI A-13, 1-6 Sengen 2-Chome, Tsukuba City Ibaraki, 305-0047, Japan

TEL : +81-29-851-9222
FAX : +81-29-851-9220

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Starting-up the business in February 2009

February 2009, we are starting up a new business with focusing the global market surrounding Bio-venture businesses.

Tokyo-BioVentures is a web-based new business unit developed by Tokyo Future Style, Inc. (TFS). We are introducing many kinds of new products and new technologies developed by various bio-venture companies mainly in Japan.

The mission of this business unit is as follows.

To introduce the brilliant products and technologies newly developed by our client companies through our network built in the global market.

Not only selling the products but we also support technology matching of the client’s seeds with the parties who are interested in their technologies, by the proposal of collaborative research, co-development, new product plan, technology transfer and so on. Through these activities, we are very pleased to be able to fulfill our social responsibility by making a new social value toward our future.

In this website, we are introducing our client companies and their seeds, from available products to currently developing technologies, by various dimensions based on their requirements.

The business outline of Tokyo-BioVentures

LOB (What?)

◇ Sales of the products developed by Bio-Venture companies mainly located in Japan

◇ Introducing and Matching of the technologies developed by Bio-Venture companies mainly located in Japan

Market (Where)

◇ Global Market
Japan, China, Asia, USA, Europe, etc

Customers (Whom?)

◇ Academic site; Universities, Public Institutes, Research organizations etc

◇ Venture Companies; Developers of their own technologies

◇ Public companies ; Pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics manufacturers and other bio-industries

Marketing Method (How?)

◇ Sales of the products and introduction of new technology at our website “Tokyo-BioVentures”

◇ Business planning individually for the client companies and marketing activity based on the decided strategy

Starting-up (When?)

February 2009; By starting-up of the website

We are currently looking for the venture companies who are interested in our business model. If you are willing to consider our activity as one of the possibility of your company, Please contact us now! We are very pleased to discuss with you. And when you are interested in the products and technologies by our clients described on our website, we highly appreciate your enquiry!.

February 5, 2009
Takashi Endo
Tokyo Future Style, Inc.

Please Contact us for your any inquiries, questions and information requests.
Tokyo Future Style, Inc.
TEL : +81-29-851-9222 FAX : +81-29-851-9220
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For the development of human life science | Future-oriented Tradingcompany | Global marketing | Tokyo Future Style, Inc.