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PrevenTec, Inc.

Rec. Protein from Transgenic Rice by PrevenTec, Inc.
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Since recombinant DNA technology was developed in 1973 by S. Cohen & H. Boyer, Bio-venture company Genentech and Amgen succeeded to develop the recombinant insulin and growth hormone as the protein pharmaceuticals. More recently, recombinant antibody is gettin g a great deal of target for anti-cancer medicine.

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Recombinant protein production in plant systems can be promising technology in terms of cost benefit and safety. A lot of reports about pharmaceutical protein expression in different plant systems have been published.

On the other hand, in 1990, Monsant develop genetically modified crops which are resistant for agricultural chemicals such as Bt corn and Roundup corn. Those crops started revolution for food agriculture and seed business. Recombinant technology of plant systems could be the most important science and technology for future industrial society.

The mission of PrevenTec

PrevenTec, Inc. develops genetically modified (GM) rice and produces valuable proteins for medical uses, food industry and research reagents. We would like to develop a novel utilization of recombinant proteins which are produced in the plant system .

The mission of Tokyo Future Style, Inc. for the company PrevenTec

As the partner of PrevenTec, Inc., we Tokyo Future Style, Inc. would like to introduce their excellent technology broadly in the global market. We are now represent not only selling their product (c.f. h IL-10) but also investigating world-widely the parties who are interested in their technology, for such as a collaborative studies, co-development and transfer of their technology, to create a new value for the future industries.

For example, we are now looking for ally companies who are interested in developing cytokine medicines for oral administration, developing antibody medicines which can modulate intestinal immune systems, and/or developing functional foods with the company PrevenTec.

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For the development of human life science | Future-oriented Tradingcompany | Global marketing | Tokyo Future Style, Inc.