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Recombinant IL-10 from rice for Cell Culture Additives


Mammalian cell culture have been used for production of protein pharmaceuticals. Bovine serum is avoided in order to prevent a risk for a prion protein and other zoonotic incident. As a result, several growth factor is needed for mammalian cell culture and a protein production cost is increasing. Protein production of recombinant plant systems is promising technology in terms of cost benefit and safety.

Endotoxin and animal free recombinant protein production is the breakthrough of new bio-business development. PrevenTec,Inc. is developping recombinant cytokines and growth factors production pipe line by using recombinant rice. PrevenTec cytokines and growth factors are suitable for mammalian cell culture additive and cosmetic ingredient.

Cytokines and Wound Healing

Cell Separation from tissue and IL-10 as the Cell Culture Additives

Separation of the mammalian cell from the body needs dissection and mincing of a tissue. Then those are digested with trypsin and/or collagenase.
Recently it has been shown that an inflammatory reaction is induced by wound tissues. That is necrotic tissue cell released protein (Damage-associated molecular patterns; DAMPs) bind to Toll like receptors(TLRs) and introduce inflammatory signaling. Therefore, the addition of IL-10 of the cell manufacturing from an tissue could be convenient to maintain the cell in normal conditions.

Our products

Our Products

PrevenTec,Inc. developed a cytokine expressed recombinant rice. Then we developed the procedure for extraction and purification of cytokine from the rice seed. The production of recombinant proteins in rice seed has the advantage that endotoxin and pathogen do not contaminate. The cytokines purified from rice seed have high activity upon susceptible cells and contain less than 10-5EU/μg of endotoxin.

Currently Available Product
Cat No. Description
TG#1 08-001 Recombinant Human IL-10 from Transgenic Rice



PrevenTec R&D of Rice Produced Recombinant Protains


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